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The Cartoon Academy assists its participants to analyze, dissect and study existing cartoons in the workshops and training sessions.
Using a whole variety of exercises the Cartoon Academy teaches participants a range of skills they can employ to create their own complete cartoons.

During the exercises a variety of aspects of cartoons are considered:

  • the central, essential point a cartoon intends to make
  • drawing caricatures
  • types of characters, how to put together a personality type
  • constructing a story
  • working in black and white, and how to flesh out the details by, for example, using various types of shading techniques and use of lines
  • as well as many other exercises, secrets that the Cartoon Academy will look forward to revealing during the teaching sessions!

The Cartoon Academy has previously taught workshops for various cultural institutions, extracurricular school purposes and within businesses and social institutions.

The Cartoon Academy provides workshops, training sessions, courses and master classes at various locations:

  • at schools
  • for journalists
  • for businesses (as a form of team building: to clearly define organizational situations and bottlenecks, or to develop illustrations that promote or encourage greater sense of how to better serve the clientele of the business in question)
  • to assist in the development of a storyboard for film makers
  • private lessons for graphic designers
  • private lessons for other interested parties
  • for children
  • at events planned for young people
  • at birthday parties
  • for political and social activists
  • at bachelor parties


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Dayle Schlechter: als ik maar iets anders was/if I was something else"


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Cartoonworkshop Cartoonworkshop


Cartoonworkshop Cartoonworkshop


Cartoonworkshop Cartoonworkshop